She's a Dainty bear with a BIG Bear-sonality.  A young bear, naturally gifted with a sweet spirit, Abbey world is full of discovery and wonder.  She's equally at home spending the day with you,  exploring the buttons in your sewing box, or rummaging in the back of the cupboard for the stash of special cookies.

If you close your eyes, you can see the magic through her eyes (or hear the ocean -- I'm not sure which)


  • 3 1/2" Big
  • Honey Mohair
  • Black Onyx Button Eyes
  • Poly and  Glass Pellet Filled
  • Wool Pads
  • Signed by the Artist

Pricing   $ SOLD

Please Note:  Although Thistle prefers to travel light, he's become a little "Bottom Heavy" as of late.  Actual Travel Costs will be calculated at the time of adoption.  NY Residents must add applicable sales tax.

For More Info

Please complete the following 

Address (Necessary for Adoptions)
Bear Name Abbey


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