Faerie Fey


A whisper on the wind, a glimmer on the sand.  In a whirl of Pixie Dust and a Mighty  *PooF*, it's FaeryFey.

FaeryFey is still somewhat new at the flying gig and sometimes has been known to crash land.  Ice cream and a 'fairy tale' always makes her feel better.  (By the way, most faeries do not like tales, but this one actually has a tail of her own; and, if she's fallen, it's no doubt sore!)

She sports gold Lame wings and you can remove her wreath and reposition her antenna if you please.  Her toes are pointed (as any lady's would be) and she's ready for take off or maybe not - lounging sound like more fun. 

This bear has what I would refer to as "good hand feel" meaning she fits well in the palm of your hand when you hold her around the waist.


  • 8-9" tall (The extra inch is because she's on her tip-toes)
  • Rust Mohair        
  • Black Onyx Eyes, brass antenna
  • Stitched, shaded and waxed Nose
  • Poly and  Pellet Filled
  • Ultra Suede Pads
  • Signed by the Artist

Pricing   $   Currently available for auction



Please Note:  Although Faerie Fey prefers to travel light-- Shipping (Priority Mail) and Insurance:  $8.00 .  NY Residents must add applicable sales tax.

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