Sorry,  Monty Has already found a home.

Meet Monty - A Miniature bear with Full Size Personality

Don't Tell Monty - He's only 3 1/4 " Tall; he won't believe you.

Monty's ears are just a bit oversized made especially for listening to your secrets and his mouth is closed (so you know he won't tell).  His hobbies include Couch Cushion Diving (for pennies and the TV remote), and collecting Pocket Lint. 

He enjoys going anywhere you go and will ride nicely in a pocket, but likes to peek over the top. 


  • A mere 3.25 inches tall, Monty is all Bear.
  • Made of Rust German Mohair with UltraSuede paws, Glass eyes, and is stuffed with Tiny Glass Beads and PolyFil
  • Artist signed
  • Sports a collar embellished with Six Tiny Jingle Bells.  (We needed to keep track of where he was!)



Monty is Currently Available on EBay.  Please check for Listings by PineCONEWoods or Click below.


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