Patches is a good bear, albeit a bit sad.   One of the other bears swiped his good bow and he's stuck with a piece of old cloth he was able to find in the bottom of the linen closet. He's loyal.  If you must leave him, he will wait right where you tell him until you return.  He was left once before, and won't let it happen again. He dreams of tea parties with a special someone.  You can see by the heart-shaped patch on his chest, he's more than ready for hugs and kisses.

This bear is a bit bigger than those I've been making as of late.  He's another one of my 'trunk bears.'  Let me explain, every so many bears, one comes along that just "speaks" to me.  When that happens it's naturally hard to part with them; so I put it aside on my work table to keep me company.  Eventually the "myself" section just gets to crowded, everyone doesn't get the attention they deserve, and there's just no room to work.  When that happens it's time for them to have homes  -- Maybe yours?


  • 13" Distressed Sparse Rust-colored Mohair Bear
  • Glass Button Eyes
  • Waxed nose
  • Poly/Pellet Filled, loosely for maximum pose-ability
  • Wool Pads
  • Artist Signed

About the "Distressed" Business - This is NOT an old bear.  It has been deliberately worn to give him that "Well-Loved" look we all love but simply cannot afford.  This probably account for his grumpiness. 

Pricing   $ Currently Available through Ebay, "PineCONEWoods"


Please Note:    $8.00 Priority Mail Shipping and Insurance; NY Residents must add applicable sales tax.

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