From the Pinecone Woods, Bears by Linda Czub

From the Pinecone Woods features quality, handmade Teddy Bears at an affordable price.  

Each bear is cut, pinned, sewn, and the face painstakingly created entirely by me, individually in process that takes from six to eight hours.  Children have been born in less time.  Often I tinker with the face for several hours, attaching and reattaching eyes and ears and re-stitching noses, until just the right bear is looking back at me.

I have been a Teddy Bear Collector for basically my entire life receiving my first bear (a Steiff) at the age of two.  I began designing  my own bears in the early eighties due to the disproportionate relationship between my taste in Teddies and  the often inconvenient need for food and shelter.  Making my own bears satisfied my addiction to fluff at a price I could afford.

Like most Teddy Bear Artists, I didn't aspire to teddy bear making deliberately.  It sort of evolved and in 1997 From the Pinecone Woods was born.  

Each Pinecone Woods bear is unique.  Often the bear I have in mind emerges with a totally different personality.  Like children, struggling to make them conform to a standard makes them stubbornly persist in being their own true selves.  I have long since given up trying and have left standardization and uniformity to the manufacturers.  

When the bear is completed, he (or she) is given a name, is signed on it's right foot, and a hang tag is added.  On this hang tag you will find information about the bear -- not only the materials used, but some tidbit about it's personality.  Some Pinecone Woods bears enjoy peanut butter sandwiches, others will steal the television remote control and dive for change under the sofa cushions.  It's important for your new bear to get along with the other members of your family.  If your spouse is fond of TV dominance and couch change, you may want to select another bear.  Similarly,  you may enjoy marshmallows with your Hot Chocolate.  Adopting a bear who prefers whipped cream with his hot cocoa means all the marshmallows are for you.  Harmony is important, so are marshmallows.  

In short, when you choose a bear From the Pinecone Woods, you choose a friend.  


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