A sweet, soft-spoken bear, SnickerDoodle is small enough to stick into your pocket, purse, or simply tuck under your hat and take anywhere.  (With the events of the past year, I've been known to tuck a small bear into my purse.  Ok, it's odd, but it's comforting and what the hey.) 

SnickerDoodle enjoys going on errands and believes all roads eventually lead to cookies.  He's a dunker and separates his oreos into stacks -- halves with centers on one side, halves without on the other, big cold milk in the middle.  (Double Stuff oreos are confusing since they often break apart with centers on both sides so omit them from your shopping list unless you're particularly skilled.)  Careful plopping on the couch, he's a thrifty bear and can often be found diving for lost change between the seat cushions.  After all, although the best things in life ARE free, cookies unfortunately ARE NOT.

This bear has what I would refer to as "good hand feel" meaning he fits well in the palm of your hand when you hold him around the waist.


  • 5 3/4"
  • Honey Mohair with Cinnamon Sprinkles         Sold
  • Black Onyx Button Eyes
  • Waxed nose
  • Poly and  Glass Pellet Filled
  • Ultra Suede Pads
  • Signed by the Artist

Pricing   $

Please Note:  Although SnickerDoodle prefers to travel light-- Priority Mail is expected to be $3.85 plus insurance .  Actual Travel Costs will be calculated at the time of adoption.  NY Residents must add applicable sales tax.

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